About Sky Enigma Holdings

Sky Enigma Holdings are a diversified group of companies involved in a variety of carefully selected business sectors. Today, our diversified interests are aligned in four main sectors: Tourism, Real Estate Tourism, Information Technology and Green Solutions. Together with strategically aligned partners in each sector, we deliver premium products and services to our clients. Sky Enigma Holdings’ senior management team has a wealth of experience collectively spanning some 45-years and dedicated to meet our clients expectations.


Our understanding of the needs of the Malaysian Travelers has also led to innovative ideas in Travel Club Design, Customer Care Services and International Travel Excursions on Land and Sea, all of which cater to the convenience and needs of the discerning travelers. Offering a wide range of highly discounted quality accommodations, luxury cruises and a wide range of travel services through secure user and friendly reservations systems. From 2001 to 2006, Sky Enigma was the sole marketing agent for the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation’s vacation club concept, generating sales revenue of close to RM100 million. Sky Enigma Berhad is the Official Malaysian Licensee for Gold Crown Resort Inc, USA.

Real Estate Tourism & Information Technology

Our knowledge with tourism, technology and real estate allowed us to develop the concept ‘Real Estate Tourism’ which we hold the sole copyright to. Our portal has been incorporated by Tourism Malaysia and was featured in their official portal ( which is designed to enhance the MM2H (Malaysia My 2nd Home) program for international clients wishing to explore the opportunity of living in Malaysia. Our group of companies developed over many years a state-of the-art software; MIDAS (Business Intelligence System) which supports the portal propertxplore incorporating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) onto one unique platform. MIDAS allows business owners to enjoy real-time report analysis within many sectors of their company allowing an efficient key decision process management approach to take effect.

Green Solutions

Sky Enigma’s 100% organic fertilizer and organic pesticide is currently being used by the agricultural industry in several countries in Europe and was introduced to Asia and Australia in the past year with the intention of educating farmers to the benefits of growing crops organically whilst becoming environmentally friendly. We are currently actively involved in the testing of rice fields within Malaysia under several of the semi government and government agencies as part of our Go Green Campaign as well as educating the general public the benefits of buying organic produce and promoting a sustainable eco-friendly environment for future generations”